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Smart Home/Building

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The Higol smart operating system is an Israeli development leading value in the development is innovation, convenient and friendly use, simplicity of installation and agility (agility and flexibility). The HIGOAL system, as an agile smart operating system, has the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and needs, upgrades and provides quick solutions at relatively low costs, for a wide range of different needs and consumers.

Smart Panels

The usual power switches are installed in place. In any smart system for the home and a smart system for the office - the rolling system is based on WI-FI communication and the installation of smart panels based on the existing electrical infrastructure regardless of the controller connecting "central brain".

Application (control)

Full control from within the app Two-way communication and indication וser friendly interface Personal application design at the user level User permissions Information about power consumption

Setting and scheduling scenarios by the client, including schedules

Advanced based scenarios:

Holidays, sunrise, sunset, climate and location A complete snapshot of the smart panels

Real-time snapshot of operating modes

Full control of the system from anywhere in the world

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